Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 20: Mid Point Break- Putting it Lightly.

They should change the name of Mid-Point Break to Mid-Point Release of American Debauchery.

Friday morning was an insane race to the bus station that took me to Lesko where I met up with two other volunteers from the area, Alec and Nicole. Our embrace was straight out of that show that welcomes home soldiers to their families; tearful, heartwarming, loud, obnoxious, American, and I'm pretty sure we terrified the other bus passengers. Once on the bus, we simply had to ride out the six hours until Krakow. 

***Side story: (In order to preserve this young man's dignity, we are replacing his name with Talec). Four hours into the bus ride, Talec turns to us and says, "I'm getting off at the next stop to use the bathroom, I can't wait any longer, please don't let the bus driver leave without me." The bus driver however refused to let Talec off, leaving him alone and scared in a world without justice, with only Nicole and I to distract him. Being the awesome ESL teachers we were, we decided to play "I Spy" in order to get Talec's mind off of his predicament. He was not pleased. Left with no other alternative, Talec made the grueling decision to pee in not one, but two bottles while on the bus. Of course Nicole and I were extremely supportive, never once laughed or told anyone about the incident. #LEfriendsforever.

Here's the rest of the weekend summed up:
* We still play Kings in Poland. It's still effective.
* Vegetarian zapiekanke isn't nearly as satisfying, but it's still zapiekanke and is therefore God.
* Poland is the place to teach the British how to twerk. 
* Everyone loves a good Mad Dog.
* Where there's a will to stuff as much food in your stomach as possible along with alcohol, there is a way.

Okay, cheeseball moment: I honestly haven't had that amazing of a time in a long time, and I owe it all to my LE peeps. It was truly heartbreaking to say goodbye to so many of you when we left Sunday morning, but I know we'll always have our LE bond, and I definitely plan on visiting most of you in college in order to relive my glory days and to continue filling the role of the "awkwardly old" person at every college party we attend.

Until next time,


  1. "never once laughed or told anyone about the incident"....except for everyone reading this blog

    1. ^that's the joke lololololololol