Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 3: Krakow Discoveries

It's only day 3, but I feel like I've been on a non-stop roller coaster ride of awesomeness for weeks.

Since my last post, a lot has happened here in the beautiful city of Krakow. On Wednesday, I woke up from a nap to find two of my room mates had just arrived along with a couple of other volunteers. Despite the fact that I was in total sleep-deprived zombie mode, I managed to be charming and alive enough to grab some food. We headed out into the city on foot for the first time. To save time, I'll quickly summarize my findings based on this first day: 

1. It's currently freezing here, even though last week it was 90 degrees. 
2. Kebabs are everywhere and are delicious.
3. "Thank you" in Polish is definitely not the same as a German "thank you." In fact, try to find out whether or not the shop keepers speak perfect English before you butcher their language.
4. Me to the kebab guy: "So is there anything you recommend us doing while we're in Krakow?"
Kebab guy: "Yeah! Weed." Not exactly what I had in mind, but thank you sir for the recommendation...
5. European men wear suits better than Barney Stinson sings about them. 

That night also had it's own discoveries as I grabbed a couple of beers at a pub with my fellow volunteers, then headed out with the other travelers at the hostel. Again, bullet point summary:

1. Polish beer is strong. Very strong.
2. If you're an American traveling in Krakow, you're more likely to hang out with the British, Australian, South African, and Irish than Polish. 
3. There's a shot called a Mad Dog- it includes vodka, raspberry syrup, and tabasco sauce. It is not to be trifled with. 
4. The late night snack of choice is called a zapiekanka, a french pizza looking pile of amazingness and comfort. 
5. The sun rises at 4am, and people actually stay out this late here.

Until next time, 

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